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Gated Communities: An international review

This document briefly outlines the state of the international debate on gated communities and reviews the major issues arising from this debate. In addition, it also briefly oulines the origins and history of gated communities internationally.

An overview of enclosed neighbourhoods in South Africa

This document gives an overview of enclosed neighbourhoods in South Africa. It focuses on the general concept of gated communities and contextualises this idea. It also gives a synopsis of the current situation regarding enclosed neighbourhoods in South Africa and highlights the main South African debate and main issues regarding this phenomenom. Finally, the report draws some conclusions and points at a way forward.

Gated communities in Brazil and South Africa: comparative perspectives

This document compares the occurence and nature, as well as the consequences of gated communities in both these developing countries. It aslo draws some lessons from Brazil for urban development, especially related to gated communities, in Brazil.

A national survey of gated communities in South Africa

This document discusses the location and extent of gated communities in the country. The information is based on a national survey conducted by the CSIR between March and June 2002.

Gated communities comparative cross case study document

This document discusses the findings of four case studies investigating two types of gated communities (enclosed neighbourhoods and large security estates) in the Cities of Johannesburg and Tshwane.

Gated communities in South Africa: A review of relevant policies and their implicatications

This document includes a review of relevant planning and development, housing and crime prevention policies in South Africa and their implications for the development of gated communities and vice versa.

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