The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa is one of the leading scientific and technology research, development and implementation organisations in Africa. It undertakes directed research and development for socio-economic growth.

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Emerging Health Technologies


This platform conducts world-class multi-disciplinary research in synthetic biology and the aptamer technology to provide cutting-edge tools to analyse, prevent and diagnose intractable public health problems such as HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria.

Key areas of focus are:


  • Aptamer-and Resyn-based diagnostic reagents
  • Aptamer-based point-of-care TB diagnostic kit (AptaMax)
  • Companion diagnostic kit for management of HIV patients on ARVs
  • Next generation microsphere diagnostic technologies
  • Point-of-care molecular diagnostics (using avian influenza for proof-of-concept)

Bioassays and screening technologies

  • Genome wide screening
  • Screening assays for HIV, TB & malaria
  • Screen molecules for the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV during breastfeeding

Strategic basic research

  • Super-resolution microscopy studies
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSCs)-based assays for infectious disease
  • HIV and/or M.tb-host interaction

EHT capabilities and competences

The capabilities in the EHT platform currently includes molecular and cell biology, microbiology (virology and bacteriology); Resyn and aptamer technology, synthetic and systems biology, engineering as well as general management. These capabilities are currently fulfilled by the Technology Platform Manager, Laboratory Manager, systems developer, three Science Innovation Leaders, three senior researchers, 10 postdoctoral researchers, six technical support staff and two engineers, nine PhD and three MSc students.

Contact us:
Dr Makobetsa Khati
Technology Platform Manager
Tel: +27 (0)12 841 4770
E-mail mkhati@csir.co.za









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