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Protein Technologies


This competency area utilises multiple expression systems such as yeast, bacterial and plant-based expression systems to produce protein-based solutions for health and industrial applications.

This competency area has been established to translate innovation in biotechnology into applicable processes and market ready products. It offers a unique set of skills and infrastructure to assist all players in the national system of innovation in realising their technologies in the growing bioeconomy.

Unique Infrastructure offering

Housed in a new facility on the CSIR campus, the centre offers bioprocess development infrastructure from lab to pilot scale. Including upstream reactors from 1L to 200L, as well as the necessary downstream processing, formulation and analytical support for full process development.

Support of established and emerging enterprises
The centre is accessible to the entire national system of innovation. We offer support to:

  1. Established businesses looking to improve existing processes or develop new products
  2. For entrepreneurs and small business, the centre offers accessible and affordable support for development, piloting and prototyping
  3. Our partnership with eGoliBio also provides business support and incubation

Specialised Skills and Platforms

The centre is staffed by highly skilled bioprocess scientists and technicians, and supported by competencies in molecular biology and biochemistry. This powerful team has expertise in wild type and recombinant algal, bacterial, fungal, yeast and plant based bioprocess technology development.

Products and Technologies

  • Algal, fungal, bacterial and plant based production systems
  • Production of vaccines, antibodies and pharmaceutical intermediates for human and animal health
  • Production of industrial/ speciality enzymes and biologicals for agriculture, aquaculture and water bioremediation
  • Production of algal based nutraceuticals and biodiesel.

Contact us
Dr Daniel Visser
CSIR Biosciences
Tel: +27 (0)12 841 2167
Email: dvisser@csir.co.za
Protein Technologies
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