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Optronic sensor systems

Published research highlights

Optical engineering in South Africa from 1960 to 2010 and beyond
From humble beginnings in the 1930s, optical engineering has blossomed into a vibrant electro-optical industry in the 21st century. The South African optical engineering industry focuses on small niche markets, with world-class products. This paper also reviews some lessons learnt and predicts some future outcomes in the exciting field of optical engineering in South Africa.
Light-hearted optics: Emails from the past
Every endeavour has its share of interesting people. This article provides a few light-hearted anecdotes featuring some of the seminal figures in the South African optics history. The material presented in this paper was written by Heinz Klee in a number of emails during June 2009. Every attempt was made to retain the playful and tongue-in-the-cheek style in which it was originally written.
The validation of models in an imaging infrared simulation
This poster explains the characteristics of simulation systems models in radiometric, geometric and kinematic.
Using Satellite imagery to evaluate land-based camouflage assets
This poster provides information on the use of satellite imagery for camouflage detection trial.
Printing of colours measured and evaluated in nature
CSIR researcher Johannes Baumbach explains why spectral measurement of natural phenomena such as leaves, bark, soil and rocks was very difficult during the early days , and spectral measurements were performed on samples brought back from the field.

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