The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa is one of the leading scientific and technology research, development and implementation organisations in Africa. It undertakes directed research and development for socio-economic growth.

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July 2008 edition

General news

Science contributes towards a sustainable earth

The appeal for a sustainable earth is a well-established item on the global political agenda. The role of people and their activities on the environment are evident and mankind has been alerted about the imperative to sustain life on earth.

The United Nation's Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has declared 2008 as International Year of Planet Earth, with the intent of capturing people's imagination with the knowledge we possess about our planet, and to see that knowledge used to make the earth a safer, healthier and wealthier place for our children and grandchildren.

The latest edition of ScienceScope demonstrates a wide variety of activities by CSIR researchers from diverse backgrounds. CSIR research contributes to a better understanding of our planet's life support systems; it aims to find ways of reducing our negative impact by changing the way we live.

Specific sections of the ScienceScope edition that deals with science for a sustainable earth are downloadable in PDF format:

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