The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa is one of the leading scientific and technology research, development and implementation organisations in Africa. It undertakes directed research and development for socio-economic growth.

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March 2010

Dates to diarise

3rd CSIR biennial conference taking place in 2010

Diarise 31 August and 1 September

Every second year, the CSIR dedicates two days at its Science: real and relevant conference to share its research progress, breakthroughs, and impact in an open forum. In 2010, the conference will be shaped around the areas in which the CSIR believes it is equipped to fulfil its mandate - which states that the organisation should improve the quality of life of South Africans through industrial and scientific development. These research impact areas are health, energy, defence and security, natural environment, built environment and industry.

Within the framework of these impact areas, the event is an opportunity for private sector players to learn about research that could help them strengthen their competitive edge; for stakeholders in government to learn more about how research is contributing to the country's national priorities and for the academic sector to find out about their peers' contribution to the global knowledge pool and opportunities for collaboration. The conference will also feature local and international opinion leaders who will contextualise and probe the topics. Don't miss this opportunity to interact with the CSIR!

While no conference fees will be payable, registration will be required as a result of space limitations. Registration opens on 16 April 2010.

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