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Fibres and Textiles

Exploring the lesser-known world of natural fibres in SA
Mention the words ‘natural fibre’ and most people immediately think of a tasteless cereal that they spoon down during breakfast time. That, however, is not the kind of natural fibres that researchers at the CSIR are focusing on. Instead you should think of wild silk, cashmere, sewing yarn, seat covers and textile with which roads can be stabilised.

Research highlights

Agave Americana industry in South Africa [Research context]
The CSIR has developed a comprehensive concept for the establishment of Agave americana agro-processing complexes in the Great Karoo.
Luxury animal fibres have potential to create wealth [Reseach context]
Two of the worlds most sought after animal fibres, mohair and cashmere, are abundantly available in South Africa and can contribute to rural and economic development was found in a CSIR study.
Natural fibre composites to benefit major industries
[Research context] Natural fibre composites as a substitute for traditional materials may hold the key to successfully address some of the major challenges faced by the automotive and aerospace industries.
Indigenous goats to contribute to cashmere industry
[Research context]
Indigenous goat breeds may hold the key to cultivate prosperity in previously disadvantaged rural communities in South Africa.
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