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National Centre for Nano-structured Materials (NCNSM)

The research focus of the group is on design, modelling and synthesis of nanomaterials with specific properties and various possible applications. Initial focus is on carbon nanotubes, silicon nanoparticles and nanolayer deposition techniques. The group collaborates with units and centres in the CSIR, universities, science councils, the private and public sector and international research institutions.

The group aims to be a world player in the discovery and development of new materials and material properties at the nanoscale within the next five years. The objectives of the ERA are to:

  • conduct leading research into the design, modelling and synthesis of nanomaterials with targeted properties and various possible applications,
  • effectively disseminate the outcomes of its research activities,
  • facilitate the application of its research outputs and outcomes in support of national priorities and needs, and
  • make a meaningful contribution to strengthening the national science base and developing strategic human capital and human resources.
Understanding and controlling the basic building blocks [PDF]
Dr Suprakas Ray left a promising career in Canada and turned down an attractive offer from Japan to move his family to South Africa - all because he realised the country's immense potential in the booming nano-structured world market. Read an article in the CSIR's quarterly publication, ScienceScope, on human capital development in the context of an emerging research area in the CSIR.

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