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Dr Brent Newman

Dr Brent Newman specialises in marine and estuarine ecotoxicology.

Current activities and research interests

  • Research associated with the definition of baseline concentrations for various metals in sediment from the southern African coastline
  • Assessment of sediment quality and the potential biological implications of contaminated sediment in the vicinity of effluent outfalls and from ports
  • Research into the bioaccumulation of various contaminants by marine molluscs
  • Development of estuarine and marine toxicity testing procedures
  • Influence of various contaminants on the physiology of invertebrates, with particular focus on crustacea.

Formal education

BSc, University of Port Elizabeth, 1989
BSc Hons, University of Port Elizabeth, 1990
MSc, University of Port Elizabeth, 1992
PhD, University of Port Elizabeth, 2000


Newman has 11 years of experience in issues relating to the ecology, biology and geochemistry of coastal waters in South Africa, with specific focus on estuarine and nearshore marine waters.

Organisational details
PO Box 17001
South Africa

Tel: +27 31 242 2300
Fax: +27 31 261 2509
Email: bnewman@csir.co.za


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