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Pollution and waste

Published research highlights

The pollution reality of gold mining waste on the Witwatersrand
Waste from gold mines constitutes the largest single source of waste pollution in South Africa, with acid mine drainage responsible for the most costly environmental and socio-economic impacts. CSIR researchers conducted a case study in the West Rand area, where decant from gold mines started in 2002, by looking at the impact on neighbouring property owners, a game reserve and, further afield, the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.
Facilitating the improved management of waste in South Africa
Developing a waste information system (WIS) for a country is more than just about collecting routine data on waste; it is about facilitating the improved management of waste by providing timely, reliable information to the relevant role-players. It is a means of supporting the waste governance challenges facing South Africa - challenges ranging from strategic waste management issues at national government to basic operational challenges at local government level. In this article CSIR researcher Linda Godfrey investigates the needs and challenges facing national and local government in South Africa.
Grass-cellulose as energy source for biological sulphate removal from acid mine effluents
Researchers at the CSIR successfully treated acid mine drainage, using the degradation products of grass-cellulose as ammunition for the sulphate removing bacteria, which then could reduce sulphate, often a major pollutant in mine effluents.
Are developing countries ready for first world waste policy instruments?
What is needed in the implementation of waste policy instruments in developing countries is a stage-based, tailored approach, which takes cognisance of identified challenges in their design and implementation.
Disposal of land-derived wastewater to the marine environment policy
This paper provides an overview on the principles and ground rules of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry's operational policy for disposal of land-derived water containing waste to the marine environment of South Africa.
Small-scale medical waste incinerators in South Africa
Formal waste management services are not accessible for the majority of primary healthcare clinics on the African continent, and affordable and practicable technology solutions are required in the developing country context.



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