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Potholes – causes, prevention and repair

The summer rainfall season usually sees an unprecedented increase in the number of potholes and associated accidents on national, provincial and metropolitan ‘sealed’ roads. Concerted road maintenance and pothole repair would be needed urgently to curb that – to this end, the CSIR has compiled a technical guideline document that covers the causes, prevention and repair methods of potholes.

The technical guide provides specific instructions for proper fixing of the seven different categories of potholes identified. Given the extent of the situation countrywide, the CSIR believes it has an obligation, and is also ideally positioned, to produce such a guideline document.

The CSIR technical guidelines give comprehensive yet practical information on the effective, appropriate repair of the different categories of potholes. It is aimed at provincial, municipal and consulting engineers and road owners. It presents mechanisms for quality control of pothole repairs, and provides a standard form for use by inspectors during the field rating of potholes and identification of repair methods.

The technical guide is accompanied by a short, non-technical document, with both documents freely available to ensure all those responsible for road maintenance have access to the guidelines.

Download the technical guideline document
(Download an enlarged version of
Appendix B: Key to the identification of pothole repair measures)
Download the non-technical brochure

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Presentations made at pothole training sessions:

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