Alteration of hierarchy-dependant transcription in multigene complexes by perturbing dominant members using site-specific nucleases

A novel approach to gene silencing through discrete targeting of gene regulators using site specific nucleases.

Contact Person

Funzani Libago



Silencing gene expression in order to monitor cellular processes and host/pathogen interactions.

Intellectual Property

Patents pending

Technology Field

Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology

Business Opportunity

Investment for further technology development

Technology Description

This invention relates to a single cell assay to silence gene expression through the discrete targeting of gene regulatory.Major regulatory elements include; (I) enhancers, (II) sites within chromatin loops that engage in intra- or interchromosomal contact in multigene complexes and (III) regulatory sites within chromatin loops that determine loop structure.

Benefits & Advantages

Site specific and very targeted gene silencing


Dr Musa Mhlanga Dr Stephanie Fanucchi Yotaro Shibayama Shaun Christopher Burd