Antony K Cooper

CSIR principal researcher

Cooper’s research interests cover spatial data infrastructures, crime mapping and analysis, volunteered geographical information, classification, addresses, metadata, standards development, policy development and ethics.

Full Profile

Cooper's recent activities cover evidence-based planning, policies, crime mapping and analysis, spatial data infrastructures, volunteered geographical information, metadata, classification, addresses, ethics, formal concept analysis and standards.  He has managed several large research projects and is part of the coordinator team for Strategic Infrastructure Project (SIP) 14, Higher Education and Training Infrastructure for the Presidential Infrastructure Co-ordinating Commission. Cooper has been invited to various select international seminars and workshops on crime mapping and community policing, humanitarian logistics, SDIs and bloodstain pattern analysis.

Academic qualifications: 
  • BSc (Information Processing), Rhodes University, 1982
  • BSc (Honours) (Computer Science), Rhodes University, 1983
  • Management Development Programme in Marketing Management, UNISA, 1991
  • MSc (Computer Science) (cum laude), University of Pretoria, 1993


Contact Person

Antony Kyle Cooper