Benoît Verhaeghe

CSIR competence area manager for transport infrastructure engineering

Verhaeghe’s current research interests are performance-based design procedures, resilience of road infrastructure, adaptation to climate change and capacity building.

Full Profile

Verhaeghe is a registered professional engineer with a Master’s degree (cum laude) in civil engineering. He leads the CSIR’s transport infrastructure engineering area, a group of engineers, technologists and technicians involved in local and international research and development and specialist consultancy in the fields of road design, construction, maintenance and management.

Verhaeghe is a technical specialist on pavement engineering issues and a road material specialist with extensive experience in the design and construction of bituminous layers. He provides research leadership in the field, locally and internationally. He has led the development of the Road Infrastructure Strategic Framework for South Africa and has contributed to the establishment of road research centres in Mozambique and Tanzania. Internationally, he has been an advisor on European initiatives such as Developing the European Transport Research Alliance and EUTRAIN, a project to collaboratively solve 21st century transportation challenges. Furthermore he leads a sub-Saharan project on climate adaptation funded by the Department for International Development’s Programme: Research for Community Access Partnership; has led a working group on Adaptation to Climate Change for the World Road Association; and was the main author of the association’s guideline Dealing with the Effects of Climate change on Road Pavements. He has led the development of numerous specifications and guideline and policy documents, such as several technical methods for highways, guidelines for the design and use of bituminous products in road construction and fit-for-purpose certification criteria for bituminous road materials.

Academic qualifications: 
  • BEng (Civil), University of Pretoria, 1986
  • MEng (Civil), University of Pretoria, 1992


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Benoît Verhaeghe