Bertus Theron

CSIR senior researcher

Theron specialises in testing, evaluation and characterisation of optical/optronic surveillance sensors and cameras; also in optical, infrared and light-related measurement and in optical characterisation of natural and man-made materials, targets, plumes, flames and optics.

Full Profile

In the context of optical and optronic sensor systems, optical technology and its application, Theron’s work and interest in recent years had been on associated measurements, testing and evaluation. These include laboratory and field measurement and testing, ranging from optical imaging quality testing (such as day or night camera resolution performance, or thermal infrared imager performance); to optical component performance testing (such as lens modulation transfer function), to field optical radiometry (such as solar, lunar, ambient), to infrared/thermal/heat signature characterisation (such as fuselage, targets, plumes and flames), to component or materials characterisation (such as natural and man-made materials, targets, optics, optical sources, or sensors), to human vision-related parameters (specifically photometry and colour).

The work involves computational analysis and statistical analysis (sometimes on large amounts of data), involving programming, software and script development. Theron is also knowledgeable on technical laboratory and technical quality management (as per ISO/IEC 17025, and on associated laboratory accreditation), and result and research validation.

The outcomes of these have been serving the purposes of research, development, maturing, characterisation and performance verification associated with optical and optronic sensor-related technology demonstrators, and as input data-sets to optronic-related modelling and simulation software, as well as for purposes such as specification support and smart buyer support, while also strengthening in-house optical and optronic system expertise (specifically via the available hands-on optical measurement and testing facilities and equipment), and for in-house human capital development, and occasional training to stakeholders, or having stakeholders participate in measurement, testing and evaluation activities.

Expertise: Imaging quality testing and evaluation; Optical testing and evaluation; Infrared and optical radiometry; Optical measurement and characterisation; Heat signature measurement.


Academic qualifications: 
  • MSc (Physics), Rand Afrikaans University (now University of Johannesburg),1990
  • BSc (Hons) (Physics), Rand Afrikaans University (now University of Johannesburg),1987
  • BSc (Physics), Rand Afrikaans University (now University of Johannesburg),1986


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Bertus Theron