Biomanufacturing technologies

The biomanufacturing technologies competence area contributes to the unit’s focus on taking bio-based products, technologies and processes from discovery to commercial implementation in support of the emerging national bioeconomy.

The group develops protein expression systems to produce antibodies, reagent proteins or animal vaccines at low-cost using readily scalable technologies. In addition, the biomanufacturing technologies platform also focuses on leading the implementation and driving the sustainability of the Biomanufacturing Industry Development Centre (BIDC) programme, which also supports the unit spin-out companies and small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs) to develop products and getting market acceptance in the bioprocessing and agro-processing industries. Furthermore, through the BIDC, CSIR Biosciences translates its technologies to support the technological competitiveness of existing corporates.

The group has expertise in yeast, bacterial and plant-based protein expression systems; bioprocessing; process engineering; protein engineering; product development and formulation.

Moreover, the competence area has integrated skills and infrastructure across the biomanufacturing research, development and innovation value chain, including expression technologies for biopharmaceuticals. An open access model has been implemented to provide affordable access to the entire National System of Innovation.