Chéri Green

CSIR senior researcher

Green’s research interests lie in facility location planning, spatial planning, facility provision norms, land use and accessibility. Her major focus is on the accessibility of social facilities with respect to their target demand groups and their relationship with spatial planning and regional development, considering economic functions and growth, settlement patterns, density and the transport network in both urban and rural contexts.

Full Profile

Green is a senior researcher at the CSIR in the home and urban studies research group. A specialist town and regional planner by training, Green is recognised as a leader in the field of social facility planning in South Africa, with more than three decades of experience in research and project management in the fields of accessibility, transportation planning, land use development, facility location planning (in urban and rural contexts) for human settlements, and defining social facility provision norms.

She is instrumental in the development and publication of guidelines and norms for social facility provision and location in cities, towns, settlements and rural areas with respect to access distance and quantity. She provides technical leadership to large-scale metropolitan accessibility projects for the four largest metros to identify optimal location and prioritised investment of key social facilities for human settlements in cities covering municipal, provincial and national departments. Green was a core team member for the Draft National Spatial Development Framework in 2019 focusing on the urban network, regional development social facility investment location and infrastructure in the context of national planning.

Expertise: Urban and Regional Planning, Social Facility Provision Guidelines and Location Planning

Academic qualifications: 
  • Bachelor of Town and Regional Planning (post-graduate), University of Pretoria, 1986
  • BA Hons (Geography) (cum laude), University of Stellenbosch, 1980
  • Higher Education Diploma, University of Stellenbosch, 1979
  • BA (Geography and African Studies), University of Stellenbosch, 1978


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Chéri Green