CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety and Security

The CSIR recognises that a sovereign military research and development, test and evaluation, and training capability is essential for developing strategically independent capabilities and local industries; for evaluating integrated system performance, developing doctrine and training for force preparation. Work in this domain is undertaken in the CSIR’s unit for Defence, Peace, Safety and Security (DPSS).

In-country capabilities in defence and security provide an edge for that nation’s strategic, sovereign independence. This includes understanding and developing systems that serve as force multipliers in areas such as the protection of platforms such as military vehicles and marine vessels.

The CSIR joins forces with partner countries to establish local capabilities in research and development, as well as testing, evaluation and training – offering a full suite of hi-tech facilities, skilled people and enterprises. The unit undertakes work that covers the fields of sensors and countermeasures, cyberdefence and command and control, aeronautics, landward sciences, such as vehicle and soldier protection systems, and technology applications for special operational forces. The unit also places an emphasis on the growing of technical skills and the establishment of new defence technology enterprises.

The CSIR has a track record spanning more than seven decades in innovation and technology capabilities that have proven to be on par with world leaders.

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The CSIR Dossier of Science and Technology for Defence and Security


General Contact

Contact Person

Dr Motodi Maserumule


Contact Person

Christa van der Merwe

Competence Areas

Aeronautics systems

Aeronautical research and development including aerodynamics, gas turbines, flutter, store carriage and release prediction analysis and prediction, and aircraft structures.

Command, Control and Information Warfare

Concept development, experimentation and simulation for integrated defence and security capabilities, improving interoperability, situation awareness and cyber defence.

Landward sciences

Understanding the effects of explosive events for protection against landmines, improvised explosive devices and other threats.

Radar and electronic warfare

Design and development of novel radar and electronic warfare systems, and technology support for existing systems for defence and industry.

Technology for Special Operations

Science, engineering and technology to support the needs of the special operational forces in defence and security.

Optronic Sensor Systems

Developing novel electro-optic sensors, evaluating sensor systems for day, night and multispectral surveillance. Design of countermeasures in the visual and infrared wavelengths.

Integrative Systems Group

Solving large national problems in the defence and security sectors by drawing on foresight, architecture and engineering capabilities.