CSIR Mining precinct

The CSIR mining hub houses representatives from 44 organisations that are active in mining and mining research in South Africa, creating an accessible and relevant mining research and development hub. Funded by the Department of Science and Technology and housed at the CSIR in Johannesburg, the facility is also available for technology demonstrations on site.

The mining precinct creates a space for researchers from various institutions and organisations to collaborate and work together, enabling greater access to researchers and mining staff.

The function of the precinct is to coordinate research activities toward the revitalisation of mining for South Africa’s mining operations through the development of next-generation mechanised mining systems. The hub is expected to be fully established and operational by 2018.

Ultimately, the establishment of the precinct will help advance mining research and development, make the South African mining industry more competitive and improve the technological capabilities of local firms.

The CSIR Mining precinct is based at the CSIR Johannesburg Offices: Corner Carlow Road and Rustenburg Road, Melville.

Contact Person

Navin Singh