Dr Henerica Tazvinga

CSIR senior researcher

Tazvinga’s research interests are in energy-system planning and integration, energy efficiency, energy systems modelling, optimisation and management, off-grid and grid-connected hybrid energy systems.

Full Profile

Tazvinga has experience in renewable energy system design, waste-to-energy conversions, energy assessments and climate change, as well as system planning and integration of hybrid energy systems. She holds a PhD from the University of Pretoria. With many years of lecturing experience, she is also a reviewer of high-impact journals in her field. Tazvinga is a member of the South African Cool Roof Association, the Southern African Research & Innovation Management Association, and Southern African Solar Thermal Training.

Expertise: Energy-system planning and integration

Academic qualifications: 
  • National Diplomas (Automotive Engineering; Technical and Vocational Education), Gweru Polytechnic, Zimbabwe, 1995
  • BTech (Honours) (Mechanical Engineering), National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe, 2003
  • MSc (Renewable Energy), University of Zimbabwe, 2006
  • PhD (Renewable Energy Management), University of Pretoria, 2015


Contact Person

Dr Henerica Tazvinga