Dr Marjolaine Krug

CSIR senior researcher

Krug's work involves the observations of ocean currents using both satellites and ocean gliders to monitor the coastal and shelf environments.

Full Profile

Krug holds a PhD in physical oceanography from the University of Cape Town. Her current research focuses on the dynamics and variability of the Agulhas Current as well as interactions between the Agulhas Current and the coastal and shelf regions. She works extensively with satellite remote sensing data such as altimetry, sea surface temperature or surface current information derived from synthetic aperture radars. In April 2015, Krug led the first deployment of ocean gliders in the Agulhas Current region as part of the Shelf Agulhas Glider Experiment.

Academic qualifications: 
  • BSc Hons, (Oceanography with Mathematics), University of Southampton, United Kingdom, 1995
  • MSc (Physical Oceanography), University of Cape Town, 1999
  • PhD (Physical Oceanography), University of Cape Town, 2011


Contact Person

Dr Marjolaine Krug