Dr Nebo Jovanovic

CSIR principal researcher

Jovanovic’s areas of interest lie in the development and validation of earth observation products (e.g. evapotranspiration) for water resources management; management of aquifer artificial recharge systems; and increasing food security in small-holder irrigated farming systems.

Full Profile

Jovanovic holds a PhD in agronomy from the University of Pretoria. His key competencies are in monitoring and modelling water and contaminant fluxes in hydrological systems, groundwater, the vadose zone and crop or vegetation growth.

Academic qualifications: 
  • PhD (Agronomy), University of Pretoria, 1997
  • MSc (Irrigation), Mediterranean Agronomic Institute, Italy, 1991
  • BSc (Water management and Amelioration), University of Belgrade, Serbia, 1989


Contact Person

Dr Nebo Jovanovic