Dr Sebinasi Dzikiti

CSIR senior researcher

Dzikiti’s research interests are in the measurement and modelling of water use under different land use types, including agricultural crops, indigenous and commercial forests, and self-established stands of invasive alien plants.

Full Profile

Dzikiti holds a PhD in applied biological sciences from Ghent University in Belgium. He has more than 15 years’ research experience on various aspects of agricultural water management, mainly establishing the water requirements of fruit orchards, evaluating precision irrigation technologies, and the relationship between water and fruit trees. Dzikiti is also interested in vegetation-groundwater and surface water interactions, water balance assessments and evaluating the water stress dynamics of various tree species.

He has extensive hands-on experience with a wide range of eco-physiological and micro-meteorological instrumentation for quantifying plant water use, such as the heat-pulse velocity, thermal dissipation, and stem heat balance sap flow techniques, stand scale water-use measurement and data processing for open path eddy covariance, scintillometry and surface renewal systems. 

Expertise: Ecohydrology; Agricultural water management

Academic qualifications: 
  • BSc (Honours in Physics), University of Zimbabwe, 1996
  • MSc (Agricultural Meteorology), University of Zimbabwe, 1999
  • PhD (Applied Biological Sciences), Ghent University, Belgium, 2007


Contact Person

Dr Sebinasi Dzikiti