Dr Thato Mtshali

CSIR senior researcher

Mtshali’s area of interest lies in understanding the effects of resource limitations of marine phytoplankton in the Southern Ocean as well as the processes and distributions of iron pool (dissolved, total dissolved and soluble iron) in the Southern Ocean. 

Full Profile

Mtshali holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of the Free State. His key competencies are in trace metal biogeochemistry, with a particular interest in iron, and light dynamics in the Southern Ocean primary productivity. Mtshali has participated in a number of national and international cruises such as GEOTRACES GP13 (2011), SANAE 49(2009/10), 53 (2013/14), 54 (2014/15) and 55 (2015/16), SOSCEx III winter cruise (2015) as a chief scientist, marine chemist and a group leader for iron biogeochemistry. 

Expertise: Biogeochemistry; Oceanography; Climate change

Academic qualifications: 
  • BSc (Mathematics and Chemistry), University of the North, 2000
  • BSc Hons (Chemistry), University of the North, 2001
  • MSc (Chemistry), University of the North, 2002
  • PhD (Chemistry), University of the Free State, 2006


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Dr Thato Mtshali