Energy materials

The CSIR conducts research and development for next-generation energy sources, by exploiting knowledge in materials science, electrochemistry, chemistry and engineering to improve performance and reduce costs. This research area focuses on the development of new and sustainable energy materials for the development of energy storage and delivery systems solutions, in addition to clean coal and waste-to-energy technologies.

The CSIR hosts the Hydrogen South Africa Infrastructure Centre of Competence. The primary focus for the establishment of the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technologies Research, Development and Innovation Strategy in South Africa is the beneficiation of abundant natural resources, especially platinum group metals. Hydrogen and fuel cells are a promising technology for energy applications.

Beneficiation is the process of improving and adding economic value to raw materials by turning them into finished or semi-finished products. In this case, moving South Africa from producing raw materials like platinum ore towards manufacturing platinum-containing products such as fuel cell catalysts, components and systems.

HySA Infrastructure is co-hosted by North-West University in Potchefstroom, led by its Director, Dr Dmitri Bessarabov. HySA Infrastructure is responsible for hydrogen production (linked to renewable energy), storage and distribution, as well as hydrogen safety, codes and standards.

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