Expression of Interest (EOI) Experts to partner with in some mining related research projects

Tender Number: 
CSIR EOI 8038/22/06/2021
Closing Date: 
Tuesday, June 22, 2021 - 16:30
Publication Date: 
Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Submission Venue: 
Electronic submission: tender@csir.co.za
Award Amount: 
As and When required
Winning Bidder: 
. Boiler room (Pty) Ltd . The Human Concept Psychologists & Consultants . Health-Focus South Africa (Pty) Ltd . Wits Commercial Enterprises (Pty) Ltd . Beak Consultants . D’Sayensi Occupational Hygiene (Pty) Ltd . CPRAS (Pty) Ltd . Investmech (Pty) Ltd . Mine Rescue Services . Consultancy in Health Environment and Safety Support (Pty) Ltd . Ayago Research Consulting . BBE Consulting . Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd . FollowSS (Pty) Ltd . Siyalungisa Occupational Hygiene Services (Pty) Ltd . SLM4Change (Pty) Ltd . SRK Consulting (Pty) Ltd . Thimadzi (Pty) Ltd . Isithelo Mining Consultants and Services (Pty) Ltd . KDOHC . PC Schutte . Sarraounia Public Health Trust . MGM Infinity Strategic Consulting (Pty) Ltd . Vinch South Africa (Pty) Ltd