Guidelines for Human Settlement Planning and Design (The Red Book - Volume1)

Publication Date: 
January, 2000

This document provides performance-based guidelines for informed decision-making. The purpose is essentially to indicate the qualities that should be sought in South African settlements, and to provide practical guidance on how these qualities can be achieved. The document is therefore intended to be educative, providing ideas and useful information, and not as a substitute for innovative planning and engineering practice.

The Red book document consists of two volumes, with volume 1 focussing primarily on planning issues (chapters 1 to 5), and volume 2 (chapters 6 to 12) dealing with engineering services.

Chapter Subject Size
Index Cover, contents etc.    2.6 MB
1 Introduction 1.4MB
2 A framework for settlement-making 1.1MB
3 Spatial and structural principles for settlement-making 1.5MB
4 Planning method and participation 1MB
5 Planning guidelines 3.4MB
5.1 Movement networks 3.4MB
5.2 Public transport 500KB
5.3 Hard open spaces 800KB
5.3 (a) Pages 1 - 3 800KB
5.3 (b) Pages 4 – 15 1MB
5.3 (c) Pages 16 - 30 900KB
5.3 (d) Pages 31 - 40 2MB
5.3 (e) Pages 41 - 54 2.1MB
5.4 Soft open spaces 1.8MB
5.5 Public facilities 2MB
5.6 Land subdivision 3MB
5.7 Public utilities 3.3MB
5.8 Cross-cutting issues 400KB
5.8.1 Environmental design for safer communities 800KB
5.8.2 Ecologically sound urban development 200KB
5.8.3 Fire safety 80KB