Information security

The Information Security Research Centre focuses on the processes, methodologies and techniques used to protect information from unauthorised access. The centre was established in response to an identity authentication capability need from cradle to grave for persons, as well as device and channel security. It is also driven by the need for research and development of technologies that can be deployed locally to secure state information without relying on imported technologies that can be used maliciously to acquire critical information through deliberate or unintended back doors.

The CSIR Information Security Centre identifies three principles of information security:

  • Confidentiality – only authorised parties have access to information;
  • Integrity – no unauthorised modifications to information is permitted; and
  • Availability – reliable and timely access to data.

The centre focuses on two areas, namely identity authentication and network and data security. The network and data security team provides support to person identity authentication solutions through the provision of networking solutions, data security and analysis of access patterns.