Light metals

The CSIR undertakes metals and metal alloys-based research, development and innovation activities to help address socio-economic challenges facing South Africa. This is in response to South Africa’s mineral beneficiation plan, as the country is richly endowed with mineral resources and is the second largest producer of titanium minerals, with a share of 23% of the world’s deposits. 

The CSIR’s light metals research team is made up of highly experienced and qualified researchers with access to advanced infrastructure for innovation and manufacturing. Specialised facilities and capabilities for materials (metals and composites) design, selection, testing and characterisation are available at the CSIR. Furthermore, the team is a leader in the structural design and analysis and hosts world-class expertise and capabilities in parts and components manufacturing. These expertise and capabilities benefit key stakeholders, such as universities, new enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises.

The CSIR light metals research team also hosts the Titanium Centre of Competence (TiCoC), which is a multi-user national facility that is geographically spread across South Africa and the Light Metals Development Network (LMDN). The TiCoC and LMDN are supported by the Department of Science and Technology as an implementation platform for the Advanced Metals Initiative. A number of national R&D platforms have been aligned to support the light metals technology development. The CSIR, various universities, science councils and private companies are collaborating on developing technology building blocks and R&D platforms towards adding value to the countries’ mineral resources.

View the CSIR product overview for light metals- 2017/2018.


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Dr Robert Tshikhudo