National Centre for Nano-structured Materials

The National Centre for Nano-Structured Materials (NCNSM) was created in 2007 as part of the implementation of government’s National Nanotechnology Strategy. The Centre is hosted by the CSIR in Pretoria. It is one of two nanotechnology innovation centres created by government to play a lead role in the development of this research, as well as the development of skilled South African nanotechnology researchers and scientists.

The NCNSM focuses on the development of new materials using nanotechnology and on the applications of nanotechnology in the manufacturing, materials and health sectors. The other national centre is based at Mintek and focuses on sensors, biolabels and water nanotechnology.

The NCNSM plays an important role in making available expensive and high-tech instrumentation used in nanotechnology research, to other researchers in South Africa, whether from higher education institutions, government institutions or private firms.
The group aims to be a world-player in the discovery and development of new materials and material properties at the nanoscale.

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Contact Person

Ray Suprakas