Nikki Funke

CSIR senior researcher

Funke’s key competencies are in water and environmental policy and governance, and evidence-based policy making.

Full Profile

Funke holds a Master’s degree in political science from the University of Pretoria. Her areas of interest lie in the analysis of governance, institutional, policy and legislative dynamics of the water and environmental sectors; development of a theory-based understanding of evidence-based policy making in the South African water and environmental sectors, and specifically the role of scientists and science; contribution to international theory on the subject; and the analysis of evidence-sourcing and use in policy development, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.

Expertise: Political science; water governance

Academic qualifications: 
  • BA (Political science), University of Pretoria, 2001
  • BA Hons (International Relations), University of Pretoria, 2002
  • BA Hons (English), University of Pretoria, 2003
  • MA (Political science), University of Pretoria, 2004


Contact Person

Nikki Funke