Advanced mathematical modelling and simulation

This area encompasses applications using mathematical sciences, scientific computing and information and communications technology (ICT) platforms to model phenomena ranging from a drug delivery system in the human body to atmospheric, geophysical and oceanographic phenomena aimed at helping us understand climate change. It comprises the following research groups:

  • Climate modelling
    This involves predictive modelling using fluid dynamics and other mathematics tools for weather and climate change; and the use of dynamical systems modelling and other tools to study possible futures.
  • Digital patient
    This involves patient-specific predictive modelling to aid medical experts in managing cardiovascular and other common ailments. In addition, it will study computational tools for the development of treatment by general practitioners and specialists
  • Financial modelling
    This involves risk analysis using stochastic differential equations and other tools.
  • Water resource modelling
    Predictive modelling and simulation of water budget and management.
  • Energy systems modelling
    Predictive modelling and simulation of energy systems and demand.