Focus Areas

  • Industry

    The CSIR develops and transfers manufacturing technologies that improve the competitiveness of local industries and create new manufacturing opportunities.

  • Health

    To improve the health of all South Africans, the CSIR develops technologies for cost-effective bio-therapeutics and improved diagnosis and treatment in under-resourced areas.

  • Energy

    The CSIR works towards helping South Africa achieve an energy-secure and low-carbon national economy.

  • Defence and security

    The CSIR contributes to a safe and secure South Africa by supporting the building of a capable state and by developing technologies to ensure safer communities.

  • Built environment

    The CSIR contributes to the development and maintenance of the country’s economic infrastructure and the transformation of human settlements.


  • Natural environment

    The CSIR contributes to environmental sustainability to help manage natural resources, improve our understanding of climate change, and promote the growth of the green economy.

  • Digital environment

    The CSIR is contributing to the creation of an inclusive and dynamic information society.

Infrastructure, experts and projects

The CSIR is well positioned to help solve the increasingly complex problems of our time. Our most important asset remains our people, who are known for their specialist knowledge and their dedication to making a difference.  We are a multidisciplinary organisation that leverages the best skills from a variety of disciplines. Our world-class infrastructure enables our people to translate their research into solid scientific outputs.

Scientific infrastructure

The CSIR is equipped for world-class innovation. Scientific infrastructure includes laboratories, pilot plants and instruments.


The CSIR is home to leading minds in science, engineering and technology. Our staff are highly specialised in their respective fields.


Research and development work is managed as projects. The projects reflect the diversity of the challenges we help address.