Infrastructure, experts, expertise, focus areas and projects

The CSIR is well positioned to help solve the increasingly complex problems of our time. Specifically, we focus on supporting South Africa’s national priorities. Our most important asset remains our people, who are known for their specialist knowledge and their dedication to making a difference.  We are a multidisciplinary organisation that leverages skills from a variety of disciplines. Our world-class infrastructure enables our people to translate their research into solid scientific outputs.

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Focus areas

The CSIR supports South Africa’s national priorities through research, development and implementation in the areas of health, industry, defence and security, energy, as well as the natural, built and digital environments.


The CSIR is home to leading minds in science, engineering and technology. Our staff are highly specialised in their respective fields.


Research and development work is managed as projects. The projects reflect the diversity of the challenges we help address.


The CSIR is a multidisciplinary organisation with a vast range of science, engineering and technology competences, rooted in the minds of experienced experts.

Scientific infrastructure

The CSIR is equipped for world-class innovation. Scientific infrastructure includes laboratories, pilot plants and instruments.