The CSIR’s sonar research group focuses on the development of wet-end sonar transducers and arrays for specialised underwater applications.

Recent research projects have resulted in technology for high resolution (mm-scale) 3D imaging, high bandwidth/data-rate underwater data communications, and synthetic aperture array sonar for application on an underwater vehicle. The team is well positioned to work on custom sonar system development projects and is interested to hear from companies in this regard.

To facilitate the transition of research and development outputs to market/field use, the team has established a small-volume manufacturing capability that ensures that full-configuration management is performed and manufacturing procedures can be tested and finalised before technology transfer. As an example of work done, the team manufactured the majority of the sonar transducers currently in service on the South African Navy surface and submarine vessels.

Projects are undertaken within a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001, in collaboration with the South African Navy and Armscor.