Centre for Robotics and Future Production

In the Robotics and Future Production Centre, the focus is on the application of digital transformation and 4IR disruptive technologies to enable local manufacturing industries of all sizes to be globally competitive. The centre collaborates with partners (from universities to private sector players) and places emphasis on skills development and training – particularly in and using 4IR technology.

Key focus areas include automation and connectivity, and localisation of robotic infrastructure and equipment, as well as broader product development for uptake by local companies in priority sectors such as mining, health, automotive and agriculture or agro-processing. Capabilities include automated inspection and quality control, automated materials handling solutions, customised robotic equipment development, machine monitoring and predictive maintenance, augmented reality and virtual reality solutions and human-centred automation through assistive/collaborative robotics.

In addition, the centre has a strong capability in 4IR assessments and benchmarking, plant and process model development, equipment instrumentation and data gathering, data analysis and optimisation and digital integration into supply chains. This allows us to enable industry to participate in the global value chain.

Dr Ajith Gopal