Technology Commercialisation Enterprise


The CSIR has set up an enterprise to commercialise its intellectual property at a pace and scale in keeping with its industrial development strategy and its vision to accelerate socioeconomic prosperity through leading innovation. The enterprise is called CSIR C3 (pronounced CSIR C-Cubed) and is a stand-alone technology commercialisation vehicle.

CSIR C3 is driven by specialists in business creation to nurture enterprises, build partnerships with current enterprises and stimulate investment to complement the technical capabilities of the CSIR.

The creation of CSIR C3 marks an opportunity for collaboration in technology commercialisation. Find out more about this invitation to collaborate by reading the prospectus, or select a specific technology from the list below.

                                                                    DEFENCE AND SECURITY


                                                                   EARTH OBSERVATION






                                                          LOGISTICS AND FLEET MANAGEMENT