The Climate Technology Centre and Network

The CTCN offers services in a variety of sectors including water, biodiversity, coastal zones, early warning and environmental assessment, energy, fisheries, forestry, governance and planning, health systems, industry, transport and waste.

Its core service is to respond to direct country requests submitted through each country’s National Designation Entity. In South Africa, the entity is hosted by the Department of Science and Technology.

The CTCN provides technical support, capacity building and advice on policy, legal and regulatory frameworks, tailored to the needs of individual developing countries. The CSIR is one of three CTCN representatives in Africa.

The CTCN facilitates the transfer of technologies through three core services:

  • Providing technical assistance at the request of developing countries to accelerate the transfer of climate technologies;
  • Creating access to information and knowledge on climate technologies; and
  • Fostering collaboration among climate technology stakeholders, including academia, the private and public sector and research institutions.

Other services include:

  • Support and advice for the identification of technology needs;
  • Advice on policies and measures for the uptake of climate change mitigation and adaptation technologies;
  • Technical support for preparing projects and strategies on mitigation and adaptation technologies;
  • Technical support and advice for adapting technologies to meet local needs and circumstances;
  • Technical support and advice for facilitating research, development and demonstration of climate friendly technologies;  and
  • Tailored training and capacity building.

For more information, visit: http://ctc-n.org

CSIR contact person: Oscar Mokotedi  omokotedi@csir.co.za