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The CSIR creates information exchange platforms in the public and private sectors by incorporating digitally enabled technologies, which contribute to improving operational efficiencies within organisations. The organisation develops and applies capabilities in disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), digitalisation, modelling and simulation, and distributed ledger technologies for enhanced effectiveness, competitiveness, productivity and sustainability.

Impact areas

e-Government: Focusing on digital enablement of public institutions to facilitate e-Government. Specific focus areas include technology implementation, monitoring and evaluation, software architectures and solutions, spatial information systems, and digital/ICT systems interoperability. This is achieved through a directed focus on an e-Government strategy to modernise departments and institutions of government through best-in-class, advanced ICT offerings. In doing this, the CSIR assists state entities with the formulation and development of new concepts of delivering services in the most accessible and efficient way, using ICT technologies.

Operational Intelligence: Focusing on enabling effective decision-making in private enterprises and public institutions through the development and implementation of bespoke digital, data-informed intelligent systems and tools. Specific areas focus on design and optimisation, data science and geospatial modelling and analysis.

Networked Systems and Applications: Focusing on supporting enterprises and institutions through the development of capabilities in digital signal processing, natural language processing, machine learning, controlled natural language processing, spectrum modelling, spectrum engineering, network engineering, media coding, cloud platforms development, software engineering, agile software development methodology and design thinking. Specific focus areas include spectrum access and management innovation, cloud network architectures, and services and digital audio-visual technologies. 

Emerging Digital Technologies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR): The main focus of this research centre is research and development of emerging technologies underpinned by 4IR digital technology blocks, with the aim of enabling digital disruption in local enterprises to keep South African organisations relevant and competitive. The centre incubates technologies in the domain areas of artificial intelligence, advanced IoT, augmented reality and distributed ledger technologies, among others.

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Lionel Jéan Michél


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