Defence and security

The CSIR is building resilient defence and security capabilities for South Africa to ensure secure borders and the safety of citizens, while fostering a secure platform for business to operate. The organisation also acts as a hotbed for defence technologies with commercial security application to grow the economy from this sector.

The building blocks of the cluster are military defence, civil security and cybersecurity.

The defence platform focuses on integrated security solutions and technologies that can be commercialised to ensure industry competitiveness. The CSIR pursues product development opportunities that will enhance capabilities in the industry and the broader National System of Innovation, and demonstrate local manufacturing capabilities. Further developments focus on integrated, large-scale intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms; and technology solutions that are interoperable, prioritising collaborative design, advanced manufacturing and defence industry supply chain development.

The civil security platform offers command and control capabilities for crowd management; sensor systems for homes, businesses and critical infrastructure that will enable authorities to identify and react quicker to criminal activities; integrated security solutions for infrastructure security; and security solutions for the cash-in-transit industry. These interventions build on the numerous security cluster capabilities and decision-support tools. The CSIR has a considerable track record in developing technologies and large-scale complex systems in this domain.

The cybersecurity platform offers analysis, modelling and decision support to strategic partners with the aim of solving complex crime problems. This includes non-visual and visual crime-sensing systems, deep and machine learning, big data crime analysis to prevent crime, enhanced bandwidth for integrated IT and network systems, and effective identity authentication solutions. These initiatives build on the national cybersecurity capability programme, addressing both government and private sector challenges.


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