Charl Petzer

CSIR programme manager

Charl’s focus is on coordinating and integrating large integrated security-related projects to ensure maximum return of investment for stakeholders.

Full Profile

Charl Petzer is a registered professional engineer with 32 years of programme and project management, as well as systems engineering experience in military, nuclear and other environments. He has been the lead systems engineer, as well as project and programme manager on several large projects and programmes, the latest being the programme manager for environmental asset management programmes at the CSIR, including for the Intensive Protection Zone area of the Kruger National Park, an approximately R180 million programme managed on behalf of SANParks.

He holds a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pretoria. Charl was also co-author of the paper entitled “Environmental Asset Management: Risk Management Systems” that was delivered at the 27th annual International Council on Systems Engineering International Symposium, in Adelaide, Australia, in July 2017. 

Expertise: Programme and Project Management, Systems Engineering, Design Integrated Security Systems

Academic qualifications: 
  • MEng (Mech), University of Pretoria, 2003
  • BEng (Mech), University of Pretoria, 1987
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Charl Petzer