The CSIR has developed a web services platform for collaboration and information sharing within and across organisational boundaries during operations.  

The Cmore platform incorporates information from various sources into a consolidated view that provides users with in-time shared situation awareness. It is a secure, private cloud-based platform with both mobile and web-based applications which are used to view and contribute information to the platform.

Safeguarding national key points such as ports and national parks from illegal entry is a challenge in Southern Africa. Porous borders have given rise to increased incidents of poaching and illegal crossings between countries.

“Cmore is the perfect solution in the environmental asset management environment and has helped anti-poaching groups to collaborate and consolidate their efforts. In-time information shared between counter-poaching teams can assist groups to direct scarce resources to where they are most effective. By sharing information from different sources in a controlled manner, Cmore achieves accurate reporting with less effort, and pro-active interventions as opposed to reactive operations,” says CSIR research group leader, Herman le Roux.

Cmore’s extensible data model and ease of use makes it suited for various other domains in which shared situational awareness is required such as enforcement, compliance, safety, security and operations. Cmore is also flexible as a data collection platform as proven with recent support to the Department of Health to assist community health workers who used the Cmore mobile app to conduct CV-19 household screening. More than 3 million records were collected.

Cmore’s scalability and versality enables it to be customized and deployed across an intensity spectrum ranging from low intensity use cases involving small medium sized enterprises all the way up to massive top tier global public and private enterprises global users with demanding requirements.

The CSIR is therefore keen to partner with the public and private sector players, both locally and globally to realise opportunities and solve some of the most challenging situational awareness problems across domains.

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Innocent Siziba




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Defence, Peace, Safety and Security

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Technology available for licensing.

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The Command and Control Collaborator (Cmore) is a software application eco system which includes a web-based application (portal) and associated mobile applications for use in the Command and Control domain.

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Software application which has the following abilities: tracking, integration, etc.


Priaash Ramadeen, Alex Terlunen, Pieter Botha, Shazia Vawda