Composition Containing Arylnaphthalene Lignan Derivative For Preventing And/Or Treating Dementia

Novel natural based  derivate product for the preventing and/or treating dementia.

Contact Person

Funzani Libago



Natural based product of extracts for treatment of ailments related to aging such a alzeihmers and Dementia

Intellectual Property

Patents Granted

Technology Field

Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Complementary medicines, Nutraceuticals

Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

Technology Description

Invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for preventing and/or treating dementia comprising extracts of Monsonia species; a food composition for preventing and/or improving dementia comprising extracts of Monsonia sp.; and a method of preparing an extract of Monsonia sp.with excellent inhibitory effect on the formation of β-amyloid. the plant extract can inhibit the formation of &#946-amyloid which has been known as a factor causing the dementia,especially Alzheimer's disease, thereby being used for preventing, improving and/or treating the dementia.

Benefits & Advantages

The extract of Monsonia sp.can inhibit the formation of β-amyloid which has been known as a causing factor of dementia,specifically Alzheimer's disease,and thus used effectively for preventing or treating dementia. Currently there are no other registered products on the market for treating dementia through prevention of formation of β-amyloid


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