The CSIR’s Face-Recognition-Based access control technology gets piloted at the South African Army Headquarters

The CSIR has developed face-recognition-based access control technology that has the ability to identify individuals for security access purposes. The technology is a contactless biometric, whereby only a picture of the face is required to identify an individual. The access control technology provides a solution to the ever-increasing demand to be a contactless society amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, as it promotes the reduction of contact with surfaces, thus reducing the spread of the virus.

Face-recognition systems have been deployed as access-control measures, aids in law enforcement, as well as identification for making payments. The CSIR aims to combine different technologies into a multifactor authentication system that is present at the entrances or exits of buildings for the enhancement of security.

The system was incorporated at the South African Army Head Quarters (SAA) as part of a pilot project and will, in the long run, be rolled out throughout the SAA. It is also envisaged that the technology will be incorporated at facilities of the Department of Correctional Services for the identification of inmates and staff.

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Rethabile Khutlang