CSIR Advanced Production and Security

In 2019, the organisation adopted a new strategy aimed at supporting industrial development in the country; to ensure that it makes a greater impact on the building and growing of industries in South Africa and, consequently, the economy; this while continuing with its strong focus on serving the needs of the public sector and generating knowledge for public good.

The CSIR has identified clusters in which it is best positioned to drive the country’s industrialisation. These have been selected based on national priorities, potential for socioeconomic impact and the fourth industrial revolution. Future Production: Manufacturing, Future Production: Mining and the Defence and Security are some of the identified clusters, see below for more information about the 3 clusters.

Future Production: Manufacturing

The cluster aims to strengthen the middle tiers of the value chain (fabrication, engineered products and materials and assembly of simple to complex systems); develop strategic capabilities to address high-value industries; facilitate supply chain integration technological advances; and make production and processing lines more automated, modular and responsive through Industry 4.0 technologies.

Future Production: Mining

The cluster focuses on leveraging the strong history of mining in South Africa through the modernisation of mines via mechanisation and automation, and ultimately, fully autonomous operations, as the envisaged path to improve safety, bring change to processes, technologies, skill sets and social and environmental impacts associated with current mining practices.

Defence and Security

CSIR Defence and Security focuses on these two sectors and intends to build resilient defence and security capabilities for South Africa to ensure secure borders and enable the safety of all inhabitants, while fostering a secure platform for business conduct industrial/economic activities.