CSIR Smart Society

The organisation is committed to innovation, change and advancement in the science, engineering and technology sphere, particularly in an era where there is increasing influence and impact from the technological disruptions caused by the fourth industrial revolution. In 2019, the organisation adopted a new strategy aimed at supporting industrial development in the country; to ensure that it makes a greater impact on the building and growing of industries in South Africa and, consequently, the economy; this while continuing with its strong focus on serving the needs of the public sector and generating knowledge for public good.

The CSIR has identified clusters in which it is best positioned to drive the country’s industrialisation. These have been selected based on national priorities, potential for socioeconomic impact and the fourth industrial revolution.

They include industry and society-advancing clusters, such as smart places, smart mobility, next-generation enterprises and institutions within the Smart Society.

CSIR Smart Places

Enable smarter natural resource use, environmental sustainability and smart infrastructure.

CSIR Smart Mobility

Enable South Africa to have an effective, efficient, integrated, safe and competitive Transport and Logistics sector.

NextGeneration Enterprises and Institutions

Enable digital transformation in government, public institutions and industry.