Distributed Ledger Technologies

The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) research group specialises in research and development of DLT and blockchain technology.

DLT plays a key role in the fourth industrial revolution, enabling the seamless and efficient transfer of value over network protocols.

The DLT research group has demonstrated its expertise in developing solutions over the complete application spectrum, which includes private and permissioned networks, open public blockchains, digital assets and self-sovereign identity protocols. They are also exploring how DLT interfaces with the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and mixed reality. Through these endeavours, the group established itself as a thought leader in the industry, staying in touch with market trends while leveraging this position to advise clients on potential solutions.


  • Open public blockchain protocol and decentralised application development;
  • Solving business process inefficiencies with private permissioned blockchains;
  • Self-sovereign identity protocol and application development;
  • Custodial and non-custodial product suites for the metaverse;
  • Asset tokenisation, payments and non-fungible tokens;
  • Decentralised governance protocols;
  • Digital asset compliance tools;
  • Institutional custody solutions for digital assets; and
  • Smart contract development.

These skills can be applied to most industries forming part of the tertiary economic sector, including financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail and payments, transportation, education, energy and real-estate.

C4IR, Afriverse wallet
Distributed ledger technologies research group, CSIR
C4IR, Afriverse wallet

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