Doing business with us

The CSIR generates opportunities for entrepreneurs, small business and existing industry to license and commercialise CSIR technologies. The goal of our technology transfer activities is to improve quality of life, contribute to economic growth, create jobs and promote environmental sustainability.

Whether you are:

  • Looking for technology to license into your existing small business;
  • Looking for a technology to build a new start-up business around;
  • A serial entrepreneur looking for opportunities to mentor new / young entrepreneurs;
  • A serial entrepreneur interested in advising and assisting CSIR teams with technology commercialisation; the CSIR is the right partner for you!

Please visit https://www.csir.co.za/technology-available-for-licencing to find out more on technologies available for licensing or view the document on our Entrepreneur-in-Residence programme.

We welcome engagement from stakeholders, potential investors, entrepreneurs, potential licensees and other interested parties - please feel free to contact us!