Encapsulation technology for probiotics and other sensitive actives

The CSIR has developed a novel, supercritical fluid-based encapsulation technology for encapsulation of sensitive actives such as probiotics.

Contact Person

Delon Mudaly


Technology Field

Encapsulation technology

Technology Description

The technology provides a method for encapsulating, and thereby protecting, an active substance, which may be especially sensitive or susceptible to harsh environmental conditions. Such substances include probiotics, which are often destroyed in the human gut before they reach the intestine where they should be active. The substance may also be proteins, such as vaccines, which are often destroyed during storage or inadequate cold chain management practice. The final product is an encapsulated product in particulate form. The CSIR has a pilot scale production facility (which can be set up for GMP manufacturing), and patents in force in most territories including the USA and Japan, and still pending in some territories. There is a technology package ready for transfer. The CSIR has formed a company together with the Industrial Development Corporation to commercialise the technology. There are good technical results supporting the probiotics application in terms of showing extended shelf life and improved survival through the gastric environment.