Mechanical workshop

The workshop can manufacture the following items/devices:

DCP - complete                     

DCP - components

DCP - software                                                 

Gravel roads test kit                                                                                

Linear shrinkage (bottomless)                           

Trenton Hammer                                     

Road maintenance kit – incl.RCCD                            

RCCD (Rapid compaction control device)

Groving tool (B.S.)                                                                  

Marvil permeability meter                            

Vialit adhesion device (incl.3plates)                

Penetration Cup (Dia. 55 X 40)                                          

Penetration Weight (100g & 50g)                                     

Penetration Cone & Checking disk (BS1377-1975)       

Penetration Ball Tool (ASTM D3407/08)                      

Ring & Ball Stand (ASTM D36)                                         

Ring & Ball Stepped ring (ASTM D36)                     

Ring & Ball Centre ring (ASTM D36)                     

Liquid limit device (GRT KIT)                 

Ductilometer mould                                                                     

Nuclear gauge calibration blocks            

(Two densitys 2050 & 1570)                                          

For more information email amtl@csir.co.za