Nanomaterials Industry Development Facility

The CSIR Nanomaterials Industrial Development Facility (NIDF) was set up to bridge the gap between bench-scale developments and industry. The NIDF offers an integrated access to three key research and development components, namely scale-up facilities, well equipped characterization laboratories and multi-disciplinary researchers (comprehensive technical support).

The facility can support both SMMEs and large entities with product/process development needs as well as extensive chemical/materials characterization using state of the art equipment. Projects that require localisation of technologies developed or used outside of South Africa are also eligible for consideration.

Our Value Offerings:

The NIDF is staffed, and has access to a team of chemical engineers, researchers, polymer chemists, nanotechnology specialists, project managers and formulation scientists who apply their knowledge to assist SMMEs and large entities from prototype to pilot scale production.

Our Facilities

Pilot scale production: nanomaterials, chemical and polymer processing pilot plants.

The chemical processing plant is equipped with:

  • High temperature (180oC) and pressure (14 bars) chemical reactors (autoclaves);
  • Stainless steel process tanks ranging from small (100l) to large (1 200l);
  • Filter press, dryers and a bag house; and
  • Other small processing equipment.

In the polymer formulation and processing plant we offer:

  • A 40 L/D co-rotating twin screw extruder: for compounding of polymer composites;
  • 500kN injection moulding machine: for production of injection moulded products and test coupons;
  • A 5-layer cast sheet and blown film co-extrusion line: for production of multi-layered polymer films and sheets; and
  • Other smaller processing equipment.

Characterization facilities:

  • All typical polymer characterization and testing equipment including: Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), Melt flow index (MFI), Tensile Strength, Impact Strength etc;
  • Specialized instruments such as scanning and transmission electron microscopes (TEM and SEM); and
  • X-ray diffraction (XRD), Ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy (UV-Vis) and (FTIR).


The NIDF supports SMMEs and large entities with any of the following:

  • Characterization and testing of materials and products using state of the artequipment;
  • Application development for the products/materials by experienced researchers;
  • Optimization of your nanotechnology, chemical and polymer processes and technologies by experienced chemical engineers;
  • Proper processing costing based on scale up manufacturing;
  • Scale up manufacture of materials for quality and market testing;
  • Technology/process safety risks assessments & mitigation measures; and
  • Technology value chain and value proposition.


CSIR’s NIDF over the years have achieved the following successes:

15 entities have been supported both SMMEs and established.

4 products have been licensed

15 TDs at TRL 6 and above

Over 70 interns have been supported and majority have gotten jobs in industry.

Dr Mike Masukume, CSIR Chemicals cluster expert
Dr Mike Masukume
+12 841 4269

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